Wednesday, November 3, 2010 November Giveaway!

~* wee cool giveaway :] i just saw this on my best friend's blog and i read all about it and decided to join too.. This giveaway is so much good, a wonderful november treat and an early christmas gift.. thanks miss PhoebeAnn.! God bless! ^_~V

Terms & Conditions:
1. This contest is exclusive to Philippine residents only.
2. Contest runs until November 16, 2010 11:59PM Manila Time.
3. All contestants must comment on this post stating how they joined the contest (Twitter/Subscription/blog or Facebook entry).
4. A winner can only win once.
5. Winners must claim the prize at the designated meeting area in Makati City after the contest duration (will most likely be on a Saturday). If the winner cannot claim the priz
e herself/himself, a representative may be sent to claim on her/his behalf. Else, the prize may be shipped via MC Express but the cost will be shouldered by the winner.

if you want to join click here.

Hopefully i can win and get any of these..


God bless! ^_~V

Sunday, October 17, 2010

*PASSION FOR FASHION ~ credits for ms.irynne ^_~V

~*Here are some shots from our last photo shoots*~

A shot with my oppa

Final shot with my bhru's.. :]

Final shot with the group {T. skye}, wew happy happy.. party party ! ^___~V

Many thanks to T. skye for this wonderful bondings :]
and of course for the lovely shots by Luis macalinao and our stylist Irynne Maganis

*cheers! mwahx see yah! ^_~V

Saturday, May 1, 2010

*~Bruh's other side~*

~Last april 10, me and my best friends had a trip to have a photo shoot on margo's place @ san mig2/ bellefort homes.. :)

rynne is our ART DIRECTOR: the photographer, wardrobe stylist and make up artist..




and a shot from jason




and the photographer ~Irynne~
(shot by maru-her bf ^_^)

thanks for the wonderful shots ^_~V

Bruh's group shot ^_~v

*~ thanks for viewing ~*
saranghaeyo chingu's